Netgear Router Login Details

Net Gear is one of the fastest routers in the world. They provide a variety of routers to their user with the best build quality. Netgear wireless routers are hustle-free and they work like a beast. Today I have made a guide on the setup of netgear router and how to perform a different short task that you need to learn before using it.

How do I log into my Netgear router or How do I log into my router admin?

To Log into your Netgear Router’s Admin page, follow the following steps:

  1. Connect your Netgear Router to the internet by attaching it with Broadband Modem via Ethernet Cable.
  2. Now connect your PC with Router through Ethernet Cable or you can also connect your PC or other Wireless devices using Wi-Fi.
  3. As you are now connected to the internet, Open the Browser and Type in the router’s IP address and press Netgear’s default IP address is or
  4. You will now be prompted to enter your Username and Password. Netgear Default Password is password and Default Username is
  5. You will now be logged in successfully.

OR Watch the video below:

Note: You can use the same steps for Netgear Extender Login if your router and extender use the same SSID. But if the Router and Extender’s SSID is different, you should type instead of IP Address as in Step 3 above.

What is the default password for the Netgear router?

Netgear’s Router Default Password is password. (Case Sensitive).

Note: The default password makes it easy for hackers to access your Internet and your personal information for which it is strongly recommended to change your password and make it stronger.

login netgear rouer

How do I change my Netgear wireless router password?

There are TWO types of Passwords you should change to make your network secure. The first one is the Router Access or Admin Password and another one is a Wi-Fi password. For complete details, you can visit You can find a lot of tech-related articles there.

Follow the following steps on how to change Admin Password?

  1. Connect your wireless device or PC to the router with Cable or Wi-Fi.
  2. Open the Browser and Enter the Router’s IP Address: 168.0.1 or or and press enter.
  3. Enter your default or Previous Username and Password.
  4. Navigate to Advanced > Administration > Set Password.
  5. Type the Old Password and Type the New one twice to eliminate human error. Make sure you choose a strong password that consists of a minimum 8-character length with numeric, alphabets and symbols.
  6. You can also recover your password; in case you forget it by enabling the “Enable Password Recovery” Option.
  7. Click Apply to save changes.

Follow the Following steps on How to change wifi password NetGear?

  1. Connect your wireless device with your Netgear Wi-Fi Router.
  2. Open the Browser and Enter and press Enter.
  3. Enter your Admin Username and Password.
  4. Navigate to Wireless Section.
  5. Enter your New Password into the Password field.
  6. You can also change your Wi-Fi name by renaming the name in (SSID) Name field.
  7. Click on the Apply button to save changes.

How do I access my Netgear router if I forgot the password or How do I reset my Netgear router login?

If Netgear Default Password and username isn’t working, you may have changed it. But if you can’t remember your password then follow the Following Steps if you have already enabled the Password Recovery Option:

  1. Connect your Device with the Router and Open the Browser.
  2. Enter and press Enter.
  3. A Log in Screen will appear, press Cancel
  4. If the Password Recovery is enabled, you would be prompted to enter the Serial number of the router.
  5. Enter the Serial Number and Press Continue.
  6. You would now be asked Security Questions, which you answered while setting up the Password Recovery. Answer the Questions and Click Continue.
  7. A screen will appear to reset the Router’s Password. Enter the New Password.
  8. Now you would be asked to set up your New Security Questions. Set them up with answers and Press Next
  9. You have successfully reset your password.
  10. Click on the Login button to login with your New Password.

How do I find my router username and password or Where can I find my ISP username and password?

Here are possible ways you should try:

  • If you haven’t changed your router’s username or Password then it should be a default username and password. Netgear Default Password is password and Default Username is
  • If the above-mentioned Login details don’t work, then you should try looking it in your router’s user manual or back sticker of your router.
  • You can also search on google to get default login details by typing in the brand and model number of your router.

 What happens if I factory reset my Netgear router?

Netgear Router reset or Factory Reset can be used to restore all Router’s Default settings and values. It also restores the default Password and Username, making it easy for you to access the router after you have forgotten your password.

Note: You can also use this function If your Netgear router is not working properly.

netgear wireless router setup

How to Update Netgear Router?

For Netgear Router Update follow the following steps:

  1. Connect your router from PC by inserting an Ethernet cable in LAN Port. Or you can also connect your wireless device to a router via Wi-Fi.
  2. Open the Browser, type and press Enter.
  3. Enter your Login details to grant access to the Homepage.
  4. Navigate to Settings > Administration OR Advanced > Administration.
  5. Click on Router Update or Firmware Update.
  6. Now the Router searches for Latest Updates, If found, then click Yes to update.
  7. After the update is complete, Router restarts and you need to log in again for further changes.

Note: Make sure the update won’t interrupt during downloading or installation as it may corrupt your firmware.

How do I log into my Belkin Router?

For Belkin Router Login, Follow these steps:

  1. Connect your Belkin Router from PC (Preferably by connecting with LAN port and Ethernet Cable).
  2. Open your favorite internet browser and type in the following IP Address:
  3. Once you enter the Homepage, click on Login Link located within the Menu on the top right corner.
  4. As there is no Default password for Belkin Routers, you should leave the Password field blank and click Submit.

Note: You may set up your Strong Password instead of leaving it blank to prevent hacking.