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Avalon Life Examines the Cross Section Between Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain and Sports

The best way to promote innovative products or new technologies is often to captivate a target audience prior to age 30, as younger demographics tend to be more interested in next generation products. For example, who in Europe doesn’t remember Arsenal with Dreamcast as a shirt sponsor back in 2002, when consoles were still in their beginnings and PlayStation 2 was leading the market? A group of experts from Avalon Life, a leading crypto community headquartered in Costa Rica, recently discussed how these marketing tactics can apply to the world of cryptocurrency, and in particular the groundbreaking blockchain technology.

Apart from the gaming industry with its digital sports betting platforms, digital currencies and blockchain technology are just beginning to gain a foothold in the world of sports. One example of a fruitful partnership is between, a partner of Avalon Life, and the Spanish soccer team Real Betis. The joint deal was sealed in November 2017 and is currently the only sponsor shirt deal between a European soccer club and a company active in developing solutions in blockchain technology. is a blockchain-based sustainability project that helps to protect the rainforests in Costa Rica from deforestation and exploitation. This unprecedented combination of environmental sustainability, blockchain and soccer in a sponsor partnership has been met with great interest around the globe.

Last week, SportyCo, a blockchain-based sports investment firm signed a deal with Espanyol Barcelona as a sleeve partner. As partnerships continue to form, Omer Faruk Kiroglu will forever be remembered as the first soccer player whose transfer cost was paid for in cryptocurrency. Haldun Sehit, president of Harunustaspor soccer club, a team in the seventh division in Turkey, paid the player the amount of 1,000 Euros – half in Euros, the other half in Bitcoin. As sports and cryptocurrencies continually edge closer together, it is becoming clear that blockchain technology offers a wealth of solutions for a vast variety of use cases. Avalon Life is among the industry pioneers to apply these solutions in the scope of long-term projects in a great range of applications.

Based in Costa Rica, Avalon Life offers in-depth cryptocurrency education and innovative blockchain solutions. The company’s product development places a focus on environmental sustainability, while merging new technology with an objective to foster social responsibility. In order to broaden participation with the alternative currency market, Avalon Life created a referral marketing program, and later became the first provider to introduce mining packages with the X11 algorithm. Fueled by the fast evolution of blockchain technology, the company has cultivated strategic partnerships around the globe, and today offers unique blockchain products in numerous sectors within the industry. Their business model provides partners with extensive training, the opportunity for measured engagement in digital currency markets, and access to exclusive products. Avalon Life is also the exclusive distributor of

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